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Real Time Monitoring, Alarm Management, Post Event Management and System Maintenance, Control Center has got you covered.

64-bit performance

Computer monitor with 64bit chip

With 64-bit performance you can view more high resolution playback streams than ever before. Now you can find those crucial incident details even faster, ensuring your whole operation is streamlined and operating at peak efficiency.

View more simultaneous high resolution streams, you will benefit from enhanced situational awareness. The power of 64-bit lets you access more system memory, enabling you to focus on safety and security, while Control Center does the heavy lifting.


Real Time Monitoring

Control Center v12.0 monitor live grand canyon west airport

From installation to viewing live video streams in no time at all, Control Center has an incredibly intuitive operator interface.

Control Center Maps

Map-based monitoring makes security operations easier and faster. Click on a map point, Control Center automatically displays the cameras you need to see.

Control Center Maps 2

It’s easy to setup too, Control Center can use CAD drawings or images as map sources.

Control Center web based app

News, weather, traffic, flight information, any web based application can be integrated into Control Center.

Control Center Pursuit Mode

Add more intelligence to your security system with Control Center’s Pursuit Mode.
Instantly track vehicles, people or any moving object across multiple cameras.

Push Control Center video panes to an IndigoVision Video Wall.
Share critical video with an entire control room, with a single click.

PTZ Priority for ONVIF Cameras

PTZ Priority and PTZ Hold are available for all SMART.core and supported ONVIF cameras. These features manage simultaneous access to a PTZ camera by different users.

Alarm Management

Control Center Alarm Sequence

Real time alarm tracking enables operators to see threats moving through the map as they happen. Monitor triggered alarms, switch on lights, open doors – from anywhere in the world.

Alarm Escalation

To ensure alarms are responded to in a timely manner, you can configure the system to escalate alarms. If an alarm has not been responded to within a defined timeout period, the system escalates it by bringing it to the attention of another group of users.

Post Event Monitoring

Straight forward Incident Management allows you to find evidence quickly when using Control Center’s motion search, thumbnails and storyboarding.

Storyboarding allows operators to select clips, reorder and export while still ensuring they are protected by dual-stage digital signature protection.

Never miss a vital moment. Control Center’s Automatic NVR Switching shifts video playback between primary and secondary NVRs, with no user intervention required.

System Administration & Security

Control Center other features

Control Center’s streamlined interface gives an unparalleled user experience.
With Smart Tabs and customizable layouts, operators can focus on what’s important.

Restricted Playback Duration

Administrators can choose to limit the oldest recordings a user can review with Restricted Playback Duration. This feature enables administrators to define specific playback limitations for users, allowing playback of recent recordings only.

Control Center watermarking image

Digital Watermarking ensures that you have indisputable evidence with dual-stage encryption protection for recordings.

SMART.guard logo

Working closely with IndigoVision’s NVR-AS 4000 products and using the power of SMART.guard technology, Control Center ensures your recordings are never jeopardized with its improved Fault Monitoring.

Alerts for Network, RAID and other component failures are sent to you direct to advise if and when there is an issue, keeping your system up and running 24/7.

Large Enterprise NVR-AS 4000 records up to 800 cameras

License Server Support across the full Linux and Windows NVR-AS 4000 range, allows you to design your system with any of IndigoVision’s NVR-AS 4000 products.


Lower Storage Costs

Experience enhanced capacity and enjoy longer retention times from storage devices thanks to Control Center’s improved compression with the introduction of H.265 support.

And much more! Click here to view the Control Center Matrix including an overview of all of the fantastic features.

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