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Cameras and Encoders

There is safety in numbers.

From IP Encoders to a complete range of High Resolution Megapixel Video Cameras: we’ve got your number.

Whether you need to convert your current analog cameras to IP, or deploy High Definition security cameras, IndigoVision has the best, the most complete IP video security solution.

We’ve been developing IP video security solutions since 1994 to provide world class hardware for the security market. Trusted in over 10,000 installations worldwide, IndigoVision’s security cameras are renowned for reliability and innovation.

Find the right camera for you.

There are three ranges of cameras to choose from. Ultra Cameras: If they gave degrees to surveillance cameras these would be PhD’s. BX Cameras: A camera that keeps you and your budget safe. GX Cameras: More camera than you bargained for.

Encoders offer an easy, cost effective way of migrating legacy analog cameras and making them IP network ready. Get all the benefits of an IP security system and keep your existing analog investment, without compromising on quality. In fact your old cameras end up smarter within our system.

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