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PTZ Camera

Accelerate response times to real-time incidents

Accelerate response times to real-time incidents

Leverage powerful pan, tilt and zoom capabilities for 360-degree coverage

Compile clear, robust visual evidence for investigations

Expedite investigations with robust visual evidence from the PTZ camera’s 360-degree views, up to 36x zoom and high-resolution image detail. 

Protect large sites with motion detection

No matter the size of your site, the camera is equipped with classified object and motion detection to proactively flag potentially critical events in need of your attention.

Capture clear details in difficult lighting

The PTZ’s Wide Dynamic Range and low light technology deliver high-quality images, even in scenes with contrasting and/or low light conditions. 

Looking to improve coverage of a large site? The PTZ camera is ready to help.

Monitor large sites with ease

Safeguard cities, critical infrastructures, stadiums, parking lots and more.


Manage bandwidth efficiently

The PTZ camera’s H.264 and H.265 SmartCodec technologies maximize bandwidth and storage savings, helping to keep internet connectivity costs down without compromising on image quality.


Protect against vandalism, water, dust and corrosion

The camera is rated IK10 for vandal resistance, as well as IP66/67 and NEMA 4X for water, windblown dust and corrosion resistance, allowing it to be deployed both indoors and outdoors.

BX520 PTZ Camera

Integrate with existing ONVIF-compliant security solutions

Built on an open platform, the PTZ camera enables you to flexibly integrate existing video security solutions with the camera for cost savings.

All Features

360-degree PTZ views

Provides 360-degree coverage with powerful pan, tilt and zoom controls

Long-range detail

Delivers up to 36x zoom for high-quality images at far distances

Classified object and motion detection

Detects and alerts you of potentially critical events in need of your attention

H.264 & H.265 SmartCodec technology

Optimizes compression levels for regions in a scene to help maximize bandwidth savings and keep internet connectivity costs down

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant

US government agencies can confidently deploy this fully NDAA-compliant camera

Vandal, water, dust and corrosion protection

Rated IK10, IP66/67 and NEMA 4X for vandal, water, dust and corrosion resistance

Wide Dynamic Range

Captures details in scenes with both very bright and dark areas

Expandable storage

Leverage the microSD memory card slots available and retrieve recordings even during network interruptions

ONVIF® compliant

Built on the ONVIF open platform to allow integration with other security solutions, so you can expand your existing system.

5-year warranty

Offers peace of mind because this camera is backed by a 5-year, industry-leading warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far does the camera enable you to see?

The PTZ camera provides 360-degree coverage through its powerful pan, tilt and zoom controls. It can deliver up to 36x zoom, with its visibility dependent on site conditions and correct installations.

Is this camera suitable for indoor or outdoor use?

For indoor use, the in-ceiling mount of the PTZ camera is available. The in-ceiling mount is rated IK10 for vandal resistance. For outdoor use, a pendant mount is available. The pendant mount is rated IK10, IP66/67, NEMA 4X for vandal, water, dust and corrosion resistance.

What built-in analytics does this camera have?

The PTZ camera offers classified objection detection and pixel motion detection. 

What is the operating temperature range for this camera?

The in-ceiling mount’s operating temperature is 30 °C to +60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F) with external power or 60 W PoE, and -10 °C to +60 °C (14 °F to 140 °F) with IEEE 802.3at 30 W PoE+. 

The pendant mount’s operating temperature is -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F) with external power or 60 W PoE, and -10 °C to +60 °C (14 °F to 140 °F) with IEEE 802.3at 30 W PoE+

Is the PTZ camera NDAA-compliant, and why is it important?

The PTZ camera is proudly made in North America. It complies with US federal government IT procurements guidelines of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This ensures the cameras can be used at US federal government sites.

Product Datasheets

PTZ Camera Datasheet

Quick Start Guides

PTZ Camera Installation Guide

PTZ Camera Web Interface User Guide

Mount Matrix

PTZ Camera Mount & Accessory Matrix

*36x zoom is achieved with Image Stabilization off. Image Stabilization set to on will provide 30x zoom.

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