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BX720 Fisheye Camera

Detail from every angle with a single camera

360° camera views with no blind spots

Never miss an incident with enhanced visibility in all lighting conditions

fish eye cctv camera

Increase efficiency of operators monitoring large sites

The BX720 fisheye security camera enables teams to cover larger areas with fewer devices, making it easier to monitor and maintain the camera network, as well as find relevant footage from reported incidents.

Improve post-incident analysis with excellent image quality

6MP and 12MP variants provide more megapixels and digital zoom to create clearer images for investigations and prosecutions.

Respond faster to incidents and take decisive action

The fisheye CCTV camera sends alerts so operators can react immediately and make data-based decisions, through analytics such as motion detection, tripwire, intrusion and video tamper.

Need a reliable camera to give you detail from every angle? Learn more about our Fisheye camera.

Superior situational awareness with a single fisheye IP camera

Optimize operational efficiencies without compromising on safety

360 fish eye security camera

Respond faster with clear visibility, even at night

Built-in IR illuminator provides enhanced images which allows operators to identify incidents and track suspects in the dark.

360 fish eye security camera

Reduce costs and enhance coverage using fewer cameras

One 360° fisheye CCTV camera can replace multiple cameras in the network, requiring fewer resources to monitor and maintain.

360 fish eye security camera

Leverage existing security assets and save costs

This camera is ONVIF approved for flexible integration with third-party cameras and VMS, so sites can use existing infrastructure without compromising security.

All Features

Excellent Image Quality

Choose from 6MP and 12MP camera variants to suit a range of sites and applications.

Built-in IR illuminator

Respond faster with clear visibility, even at night with clear and evidential video, even in pitch dark conditions

Superior Image Compression

H.264 SMART.core™ technology maximizes image compression without compromising on quality

Distributed Network Architecture (DNA)

DNA removes the requirement for a central server, ensuring you never lose access to live video and benefit from low latency.

Weather & impact rated

IP and IK rated to withstand extreme weather conditions and vandalism

CyberVigilant® in-camera technology

Enhance your existing camera firewall by getting alerts of unauthorized access, as it is attempted.

In-built analytics for faster response

Detect unusual activity with alerts for Motion Detection, Tripwire, Intrusion, Video Tamper, Scene change, Audio

ONVIF® compliant

Built on the ONVIF open platform to allow integration with other security solutions, so you can expand your existing security system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the IR illuminator work?

The in-built IR illuminator in the BX720 Fisheye security camera allows operators to identify and track suspects in the dark. Infrared light isn’t visible to the human eye but CCTV cameras switch to mono as light levels fall and can film the IR light spectrum. IR bounces off hard surfaces, which reflect the signal to the camera, making it look like a torch is shining through the dark.

What in-built analytics does this camera have?

The BX720 Fisheye CCTV camera comes with in-built analytics which include Motion Detection, Tripwire, Intrusion, Video Tamper, Scene change, Audio, as well as Heat Map Intelligence.

What is the operating temperature range for this fisheye security camera?

The BX720 Fisheye has an operating temperature range of -30°C to 60°C / -22°F to 140°F, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. 

What resolutions are available?

The BX720 Fisheye is available in a 6MP or 12MP variant.

Product Datasheets

BX720 Fisheye Camera Datasheet

Quick Start Guides

BX720 Fisheye Camera Datasheet Quick Start Guide

Product Drawings

BX720 Fisheye Camera Dimensional Drawings

Mount Matrix

BX720 Fisheye Camera Mount & Accessory Matrix

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