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Patented Cyber-Security Technology.

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Cyber-security Made Easy.

IndigoVision’s CyberVigilant® is a unique and innovative cyber-security technology that offers a quick response to potential cyber-threats.

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CyberVigilant® helps to keep your system safe from anomalies by applying IndigoVision’s expert knowledge to your existing setup, combining over 23 years of IndigoVision’s expertise in IP CCTV; specific knowledge of your site including cameras, NVRs and workstations; and the integration knowledge of the Control Center alarm management.

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Anomalies include, but are not limited to Unauthorized configuration access attempts, Network reconnaissance / scans, Device access from unauthorized clients, Shell access, Use of unauthorized DNS, NTP and SMTP servers and Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks.

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Anomaly events and alarms are sent directly into your Control Center user interface enabling users to respond immediately to a cyber-attack.

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CyberVigilant® simply connects to your managed edge network switch to monitor connected devices using Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) functionality. Available for purchase in two options, 16 or 24 channels.

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