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Detect cyber security threats and take decisive action

Protect the integrity of your system and avoid the serious consequences of a cyber attack

Use CyberVigilant to identify signs of intrusion or compromise and take immediate action

Respond faster to attempted cyber attacks

When a cyber attack happens, seconds count. Automated alerts into Control Center help your team to immediately assess and respond.

Be proactive, demonstrate compliance and avoid fines

Actively demonstrate your commitment to network integrity and data protection with the implementation of CyberVigilant for enhanced system protection.

Choose the best CyberVigilant solution for your requirements

CyberVigilant enables you to implement immediate cyber protection by letting you choose from a compact network device that connects to your managed edge network switch or as an in-camera solution.

Ready to speak to our expert team about your requirements and how CyberVigilant can enhance your security?

Let CyberVigilant safeguard your system from malicious cyber attacks

Automatic alerts let you assess threats and take swift and decisive action

Automatic threat detection helps minimize cyber risks

CyberVigilant is your cyber sentinel offering constant monitoring for network anomalies including, but not limited to, unauthorized configuration attempts, network reconnaissance/scans, device access from unauthorized clients, shell access, use of unauthorized DNS, NTP and SMTP servers and Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.

Alerts straight into your video management system

Anomaly events and alarms are sent directly into your Control Center user interface, enabling operators to assess and respond immediately to cyber attacks.

Tailor your device - CyberVigilant network device

CyberVigilant can be purchased as a compact network device that monitors connected devices using Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) functionality. Choose from 16 or 24 channels.

Tailor your device - CyberVigilant in-camera

Available on selected models, CyberVigilant in-camera provides enhancements to your existing camera firewall by detecting unauthorized access as it is attempted.

All Features

Protect individual camera devices

CyberVigilant in-camera comes license free at no additional charge, as a higher level of device protection.

Detect a wide range of cyber threats

Unauthorized configuration access attempts, network reconnaissance / scans, device access from unauthorized clients, shell access, use of unauthorized DNS, NTP and SMTP servers and Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks.

Distributed Network Architecture (DNA)

DNA removes the requirement for a central server, ensuring you never lose access to live video and benefit from low latency.

Enhanced reporting to meet regulatory responsibilities

Events and alarms are logged and reportable automatically within Control Center VMS, ensuring you are ready for compliance audits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operating system?

The operating system for CyberVigilant® is Embedded Linux.

What is the operating temperature?

The operating temperature for CyberVigilant® is 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F).

What are the software requirements?

The IndigoVision software requirements for CyberVigilant® is Control Center Video Management Software v15.2 or later.

What are the licensing requirements for CyberVigilant®?

The CyberVigilant® standalone box comes with a license. All our cameras which have CyberVigilant® in-camera embedded come license free, there is no additional charge for the cyber technology.

Which IndigoVision cameras have CyberVigilant® in-camera?

Enhance protection and reduce the threat from cyber attacks

Book a 1-to-1 demonstration with one of our experts and discover how CyberVigilant® can eliminate cyber vulnerabilities from your security system

What your demo includes:

Learn how to set up alarms in CyberVigilant® which alert operators to a potential cyber attack.

See a simulation of the CyberVigilant® firewall which rejects malicious access into your cameras.

Discover how alerts can be sent to different teams to ensure that immediate action is taken against any threat.

Explore your requirements and how CyberVigilant® can be implemented to deliver additional security and integrity to your system.

Plus – ask any questions you have to your dedicated security expert.

Product Datasheets

CyberVigilant® Datasheet

User Guides

CyberVigilant® User Guide

Product Drawings

CyberVigilant® Dimensional Drawings

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