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Integrate with IndigoVision.

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Together is better.

Camera Gateway™
Camera Gateway™
Integration modules
Integration Modules
Control Center SDK
Alarm Panel
Alarm Panel

Video Surveillance, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Alarm Systems, Help Points: all these applications are designed to keep you safe. But they are all stand-alone, different systems speaking different languages. That means they can’t talk to each other. And you have to talk a lot of different languages to each of them. If they were people you would need a professor of linguistics to communicate with all of them. And that’s not safe.

How many languages do you speak?

Assuming you are not a linguist but you are someone responsible for security and keeping people safe, then you would need a different interface to communicate with each application. A surveillance keyboard for video. A computer workstation for Access Control. Another workstation for Alarms. A telephone for Help Points. That’s a bad use of your time and capital.

All for one and one for all.

With IndigoVision you get a single application that speaks to and controls all the others. It’s our “stand-together” model of communication, where everything talks to each other in one language: ours.

IndigoVision’s camera connection professional, Camera Gateway™ enables you to connect your third party cameras to IndigoVision’s so they can all be friends.

Our Integration Modules act as translators so the various security applications can speak to you and you can speak to them. They bring these applications into a single unified front end – Control Center. Control Center then makes the information smart and actionable.

SDK (Software Development Kit) aka our Safety Defence Keeper helps give you access to restricted areas so you can all party together.

Meanwhile IndigoVision’s Alarm Panel is great at providing you with connections to link up systems, no integrations needed, plug and play and away you go!

Control Center puts you in (where else?) control.

If something happens anywhere in the system an alarm warns you. A map comes up. You click on the map where alarms are happening. Control Center brings up the relevant cameras. And automatically triggers any of a multitude of possible responses. Instead of a lot of old technology getting in the way, Control Center and its Integration Modules clears the way, so you can go right to the problem.

All together now.

You are free to focus on and solve what matters. Instead of searching through a bank of video monitors to find the bad guy up to no good in the warehouse. Or the airline passenger going through the wrong door. Or the suspicious car parked on a no-entry road. Or the package left too long in the wrong place.

Remember Ben Franklin’s warning: we must all stand together or, most assuredly, we will all hang separately?

Together was the way to safety in his day. Together is the way to stay safe in ours.

And safe is a wonderful feeling.

Software House Update news item image

Software House 9000 Updates

IndigoVision’s Software House 9000 Integration Module 3.4 is now certified with C•CURE 9000 v2.60! For more information about this visit the news item here.


Gallagher Updates

The IndigoVision Gallagher Integration Module has been updated to now support Gallagher Command Center 7.80. For more information about this visit the news item here.

Integration PAC Module

PAC Integration Update

The IndigoVision PAC SecureNet Integration Module has had another update to align it with PAC SecureNet versions, v4.6.287 and v4.6.333. For more information about this visit the news item here.

PAC Integration Update news item image

PAC Integration Update

The IndigoVision PAC SecureNet Integration Module just got smarter, with the latest update including support for software licenses, the Windows 10 operating system and PAC SecureNet v4.6. For more information about this visit the news item here.

Lenel OnGuard news thumb

Lenel Integration Update

Plug and play and you are away! Our engineering specialists have dedicated their time to delivering a straightforward and simple installation ensuring you are up and running before you know it. IndigoVision’s Lenel OnGuard Integration Module receives Lenel Factory Certification under Lenel’s OpenAccess Alliance Program. For more information about this visit the news item here.

Control Center SDK

SDK Update

New IndigoVision ‘Control Center Site Database SDK’ component added to the Software Development Kit. For more information about this visit the news item here or alternatively visit the SDK page.

HoneywellGalaxy Gallagher thumb

Gallagher & Honeywell Integration Updates

IndigoVision releases new versions of Gallagher and Honeywell Galaxy Integration Modules. For more information about this visit the news item here.

Camera Gateway™
Camera Gateway™

Eyes give you visibility. Within a security system the cameras installed give you this visibility. They see things in the dark, they see things during the day, and they see things when the conditions are somewhere in-between.

Security systems vary in age and size and as such don’t always have the same type of cameras installed. Regardless their aim is the same – be the eyes that help to keep you safe.

IndigoVision’s Camera Gateway™ is a software service that gives you total flexibility, regardless of the cameras that are installed. It doesn’t pick favorites, it doesn’t discriminate against other manufacturers, and it is there to make your life easier when working with older security system installations.

Camera Gateway™ works by taking video streams from other manufacturers’ cameras using their native language and integrates them into the Control Center front-end application using a language it can understand.

It doesn’t stop there either; it supports audio, PTZ control, events and outputs. The cameras do not need to support ONVIF in order to connect to the IndigoVision system, giving customers a broad choice of cameras to integrate.

A full list of cameras supported through Camera Gateway™ can be found in our third party camera list.

Integration logos

An Integration Module is a software package that contains a safety script, a script that not only is designed to keep you safe but one that enables you to connect to one of the most open Software Management Solutions on the market, IndigoVision’s Control Center, using your third party systems.

Safety comes in all shapes and sizes – so too do Integration Modules – perfect for meeting your requirements. There are ones that allow you to integrate events and alarms into Control Center, ones that do video integration with third party systems and even ones that manually control actions within the third party system directly from Control Center.

Regardless of which Integration Module you use, one thing is certain, they are all built with your safety in mind.

When you use any one of IndigoVision’s Integration Modules you can be sure that you won’t be let down. All Integration Modules are created using the third party system’s developers, meaning they are all double safety approved. They are put through testing to ensure the quality is second to none, which gives you peace of mind and that safe wonderful feeling.

SDK Components: Action or Alarm Related
SDK Components: Action or Alarm Related
SDK Components: Video Related
SDK Components: Video Related

When an off-the-shelf Integration Module is not available our Software Development Kit (SDK) is on hand to step up and assist.

IndigoVision’s complete SDK allows software developers to integrate third party applications with IndigoVision to provide the flexibility and choice needed to create a customized, reliable and future-proof security management solution.

From small tasks like automatically taking snapshots at configurable intervals in Control Center to the bigger jobs like integrating events and alarms with third party systems, our SDK ensures there is a solution regardless of your security challenge.

The complete SDK is made up of six components across two categories which include:

Action or Alarm Related

  • IndigoVision Binding Kit
  • Custom Objects
  • Control Center Automation Interface

Video Related

  • Control Center Video SDK
  • Control Center Site Database SDK
  • IndigoVision Snap
Alarm Panel
Alarm Panel

IndigoVision’s BX120 Alarm Panel, the simplest way to connect third party systems to your system.

How simple you ask? Absolutely no Integrations needed, plug and play and away you go!

Physically connect up 16 binary inputs and 4 relay outputs with a single 19″ rack mount BX120 Alarm Panel. Positive and/or negative edge triggered inputs can generate events within Control Center to record video, display video from specific cameras, move cameras to preset PTZ positions, activate binary outputs, and more. Outputs can be activated remotely over the IP network.

Product Datasheets

Product Catalog & Matrix Documents


Further documentation is available for Authorized Partners on the Partner Portal, click here to login.

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