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IndigoVision Integration

Effectively manage video, access control and alarms from a single interface

Build the solution that’s right for you and provide enhanced security, safety and operations

Seamless integration of third party hardware devices and third party software applications into one system

Indigovision Integrations

Trust your security system using a fully tailored solution

IndigoVision’s open platform gives organizations the flexibility to build the solution that’s right for you, enabling you to choose third party cameras, NVR’s and workstations. Our products comply with various industry standards such as the ONVIF open standard, allowing easy CCTV integration with other security solutions that meet the same standard. This ensures interoperability with other conformant products, so you can leverage previous third-party investments.

Gain precious time responding to events using a single platform

With Integration Modules for Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, IndigoVision provides the flexibility to pick the best-in-class third party systems you need that seamlessly connect with our security management solution, Control Center. These Integration Modules allow a flow of events between IndigoVision and the external system to deliver a fully CCTV integrated security solution, from a single user interface, drastically speeding up response time.

Quickly add features and tools to your business processes

IndigoVision’s wide range of Integration Modules for various third party systems and cameras give you the flexibility to create the most effective security solution for your needs, adding features that fit your requirements. The integrations allow for bi-directional flows of events and alarms to be easily managed within Control Center.

Need to find out more on how our open solutions can help improve your security?

Maximize your investment with easy integration

Get the most out of your integrated security systems


Camera Gateway™

IndigoVision’s Camera Gateway™ is a software service designed for camera integration. It gives you total flexibility, regardless of the cameras that are installed, by taking video streams from other manufacturers’ cameras and integrating them into the Control Center front-end application. The camera integrations support audio, PTZ control, events and outputs. A full list of cameras supported through Camera Gateway™ can be found in our third party camera list.


Software Development Kit

IndigoVision’s complete SDK allows software developers to integrate third party applications with IndigoVision to provide the flexibility and choice needed to create a customized, reliable and future-proof security management solution. From small tasks like automatically taking snapshots at configurable intervals in Control Center, to the bigger jobs like integrating events and alarms with third party systems, our SDK ensures there is a solution regardless of your security challenge.

Indigovision Integration - Modules

Integration Modules

IndigoVision Integration Modules allow various third party systems and cameras to be seamlessly combined with IndigoVision’s security management solution, giving you the flexibility to create the most effective security solution for your needs. These modules enable organizations to design complete safety and security solutions, manageable from a single user interface – Control Center.

IndigoVision Integration Modules

Indigovision Integration Module - ACM
Indigovision Integration Module - Compass
Indigovision Integration Module - Southwest Microwave
Indigovision Integration Module - Senstar
Indigovision Integration Module - S2 Security
Indigovision Integration Module - Paxton
Indigovision Integration Module - OPC
Indigovision Integration Module - PAC
Indigovision Integration Module - NEDAP
Indigovision Integration Module - Microsoft SQL Server
Indigovision Integration Module - Maxxess
Indigovision Integration Module - Honeywell
Indigovision Integration Module - Honeywell
Indigovision Integration Module - Gallagher
Indigovision Integration Module -AMAG
Indigovision Integration Module - TDSI

Latest Integration Modules

Manage all your systems with CCTV integration

Compass Decision Management System™

Provide fast, consistent and accurate responses to incidents

Easily design and deploy customized workflows to ensure operators are always guided through each action, for day-to-day operations, technical issues, and critical incidents. Operators only have to follow step-by-step instructions, aided by video streams and audio calls for a prescriptive, consistent response every time.

Leverage better insights gained from all integrated safety and security systems

From a single pane of glass, Compass provides organizations with a companion application that helps to improve consistency and effectiveness of response actions, by presenting them with better insights from all their connected safety and security systems, such as IndigoVision VMS Control Center, cameras and recorders.

Learn more about Motorola Solutions Compass Decision Management System™

Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM)

Provide superior control of access to facilities

This new module allows access control events from the Avigilon ACM™ system to be seamlessly combined with IndigoVision’s security management solution, providing security operators with a complete video and access control management solution from a single user interface – Control Center.

Dramatically decrease operator response time

When Control Center receives an alarm from ACM, operators can instantly perform the following actions:

  • Remotely Lock/Unlock Doors, providing access to the right people, keeping everyone safe.
  • Access Site Map, locating the incident on site maps that automatically popup.
  • Trigger Live Video, ensuring security teams don’t miss a second of an incident.
  • Move PTZ Camera, enabling operators to focus and zoom on points of interest.
  • Start Recordings, giving the team access to all the information they need.
  • Send Notification Automatically, sharing important information with the security teams.
Indigovision Integration Module - ACM

Product Datasheets

ACM Integration Module

AMAG Symmetry Integration Module

Camera Gateway™

Commend Integration Module

Gallagher Integration Module

Honeywell Gallaxy Integration Module

Lenel OnGuard Integration Module

Microsoft SQL Integration Module

Nedap AEOS

OPC Integration Module

PAC Integration Module

Paxton Integration Module

S2 Integration Module

Software Development Kit

Software House 9000 Integration Module

Southwest Microwave Integration Module

TDSi EXgarde Integration Module

Video Stream Manager Software


ACM Integration Module Admin Guide

AMAG Symmetry Integration Module Admin Guide

Camera Gateway Admin Guide

Commend Integration Module Admin Guide

Gallagher Integration Module Admin Guide

Honeywell Gallaxy Integration Module Admin Guide

Lenel OnGuard Integration Module Admin Guide

Microsoft SQL Integration Module Admin Guide

Nedap AEOS Integration Module Admin Guide

OPC Integration Module – Alarm & Events Admin Guide

OPC Integration Module – Data Access Server Admin Guide

OPC Integration Module – Binding (Admin Guide)

PAC SecureNet Integration Module Admin Guide

Paxton Integration Module Admin Guide

S2 Integration Module Admin Guide

Senstar Integration Module Admin Guide

Software House 9000 Integration Module Admin Guide

Southwest Microwave Integration Module Admin Guide

TDSi EXgarde Integration Module Admin Guide

Video Guard Integration Module Admin Guide

Product Catalog & Matrix Documents

Integration Modules Matrix

Integrations Product Catalogue

Integrations Release Notes

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