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Police Video Surveillance Systems

How our video police video surveillance systems keep constabularies and the public safe.

FrontLine. Our beat is your beat.

The police officer on the beat who wears our FrontLine body worn video cameras is never alone. They have a witness, a defense against abusive behavior, false complaints and litigation.

FrontLine body worn video protects a police force’s reputation, peace of mind, and a citizen’s access to evidence. FrontLine body worn cameras for the police works 8-hour shifts without a coffee break, lunch break or battery charge.

In conjunction with our video recorder, it supplies the jury in a courtroom with an evidential picture of events, sight and sound.

Every incident is seen, heard and recorded just as it happened.

It’s just one way we keep police safe with our body worn cameras.

There’s surveillance and there’s smart police surveillance systems.

Body worn cameras and video is just one part of the IndigoVision solution. Our fixed infrastructure video security cameras might look traditional, but they are smart. Very smart. They can see in the dark, they can pan, tilt and zoom remotely on command. And our network video recorders provide you with tamper proof evidence, every part of the video, and audio, is digitally watermarked and encrypted for a secure police surveillance system.

Our Control Center video security management software is the hub. It gives police the ability to be everywhere and see and hear everything. If something happens anywhere in the system, an alarm is raised on a monitor in front of the operator. Click on the map. Control Center brings up the relevant cameras and automatically triggers them for alarm conditions. Smart surveillance means smarter, and faster, operators.

What end-to-end video surveillance systems can do for you.

With IndigoVision you get end-to-end police  video surveillance systems that’s intrinsically designed to work together. Security Cameras, Video Recorders, Video Management Software. And they do, seamlessly.

That means you get end-to-end benefits like a system that’s future-proofed for 10 years. No management servers means no single point of failure and more reliable police surveillance systems. Our Distributed Network Architecture means easy scalability. More surveillance cameras? Slap them in where needed. More video recorders? Just add them.

Any component can be located anywhere on the police network, including Control Center, our video security management software application. For instance: at The Booking-in Desk, with the Custody Sargent, with Senior Police Officers, with interviewing Officers and Detectives. Anyone on the police network can view the cameras that you allow. And our Control Center software is license free, meaning you can install it any number of times at no cost.

Neighborhood watch.

A police officer’s job to keep people safe. It’s ours too. Whether the need is to track criminal activity or manage traffic flow in remote locations, we help police keep the peace from the city center to neighborhoods miles away. With Remote Monitoring and Wide Area Surveillance, IndigoVision’s flexible and scalable technology is ideally suited to this task.

Our SMART.core™ technology allows high quality video to be transmitted over large distances with minimal bandwidth, PTZ cameras can be controlled smoothly from anywhere. High fidelity, two-way audio means you talk with anyone and listen to everything; footsteps, breaking glass, gunshots.

It’s like you’re right there, making the world a safer place. Without leaving your desk.

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How IndigoVision Helps Australian Police

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Our Night Vision Cameras In Action

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