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DETECT. DETER. DISRUPT. With IndigoVision’s License Plate Recognition.


Intelligent and accurate software fully integrated in Control Center

IndigoVision’s intelligent and accurate License Plate Recognition (LPR) is powered by InnoWare and takes your system beyond traditional License Plate Recognition.

Fully integrated into IndigoVision Control Center, it is suitable for either parking-lot applications or free-flowing traffic and is able to read plates with a very high level of accuracy. This technology is also supported in most countries around the globe.

LPR bookmarks

Integrated data with automatically generated Bookmarks

Bounding boxes and text overlaid on the live video highlight the location of the license plate and show the plate that has been automatically read.

Bookmarks are automatically generated for every license plate that is read and alarms can be setup to trigger on specific criteria in Control Center.

Alarm unknown
Alarm Blacklist
Alarm Whitelist
Alarm Expired


Simply configure alarms to trigger when an Unknown Vehicle is detected so every time a vehicle passes which is not in the database, an alarm will be raised.

Vehicles can be added to a Blacklist, so if you are on the lookout for a suspect vehicle you can set up an alarm to trigger when the suspect vehicle is detected.

Set up a Whitelist containing vehicles that are known to you which are authorized, triggering alarms in Control Center when the vehicle is detected.

Also trigger Whitelist Expired alarms in Control Center for vehicles that were previously in the Whitelist but have gone past the authorization period.

LPR Innoweb


An optional web interface is also available which can be displayed in Control Center’s browser window.

Monitors CC tiers

Available in IndigoUltra®/IndigoPro®

IndigoVision’s LPR powered by InnoWare is available per lane in both IndigoUltra® and IndigoPro® tiers of our Security Management Solution, Control Center.

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