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When it comes to video security in an airport, safety is everything.

An airport is like a city. If you are in charge of security you are the mayor, police and fire chief in one.

From the baggage hall to the check-in desks, to the cars and taxis arriving in front and the planes refuelling, safety is the issue.

From passengers who mistakenly stumble into a no-go area to bad guys who do on purpose, from cars which stop in the wrong place to packages left alone and unattended too long, safety is the issue.

You have many constituents. Police, government agencies, airlines, merchants, travellers. For all of them, safety is the issue.

You need a sixth sense, someone to watch over you and your airport. Or a thousand smart cameras, working together, showing you what you need to see, anywhere, anytime.

So you see everything.

How we made 100 airports safe.

Because you need to see everything, our security cameras can, including faces in the absolute dark.

Our video lets you monitor and record thousands of security cameras, from anywhere, at the same time. Miss nothing.

And because it’s a safe bet you can’t afford a breakdown, we build video security solutions that have no single point of failure. And solutions that are easier to use than your television.

Smart is the key to safe.

Our SMART.core™ cameras run at one frame per second when there’s no action and crank instantly up to 30fps when there is. Minimum storage used, Maximum information collected.

Smart Analytics in the cameras will detect and warn you about abandoned objects, or ones that have not been moved in a suspiciously long time.

Safe inside, safe outside.

The same analytics will make you aware of increasing congestion inside a terminal, while motion detection spots unauthorised entry. And counter-flow detection will spot someone moving through security the wrong way.

Outside, you can set virtual tripwires around the perimeter of the airport or along its road, to detect bad guys or just bad drivers.

While all this goes on you can be at your desk or on the move: our video management software lives on your desk-top or smart phone. You see everything, hear everything. You and your airport are in safe hands.

Safe is a wonderful feeling. Especially in an airport. Call us now. Get that feeling

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