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Video Security System For Cities

You are responsible for making a city safe. But who makes you feel safe?

As the Director of Security, you have to do more than make your city safe. You have to make it feel safe.

You’ve got quite a job: personal safety, digital safety, health safety and infrastructure safety.

What do you need to do the job (besides eyes and ears in the front, sides and back of your head)?

You certainly need smart technology and smart people to go with it; people with heart, with commitment for the job at hand as you have. And people with experience: people who have done it before.

Safe is not just a fact, it’s a feeling.

So as you look out over your city, ask yourself: who’s looking out for you?

Who is making you feel safe?

In cities around the world Security and Surveillance Directors have the same answer: IndigoVision and their city surveillance systems..

Miraflores City. Crime reduced by 58%.

Miraflores is an up-market neighborhood that sits against the Pacific on the edge of Lima.

In 2012 Miraflores had an unreliable city surveillance system, poor image quality, no alarm data, short term recordings, security cameras in the wrong areas, and a limited number of operators observing the system. And a lot of crime.

Then they called IndigoVision.

We upgraded their system with HD security cameras so visually advanced you can see faces clearly enough for police identification—in the dark.

We integrated alarm data with surveillance video, video that can record for 120 days non-stop. The city surveillance system is scalable so more cctv cameras can be deployed to more areas without a hiccup.

And we installed more than 25 viewing stations using Control Center, our video management software: more eyes watching out for the citizens of Miraflores. And because Control Center is licence free, every time they installed it there was no software costs.

The result: a 58% reduction in crime.

Lynwood City. Crime reduced by 60%.

Lynwood, California is cheek-by-jowl with some of Los Angeles’ least safe areas. With a crime index of 367.8, only the city of Compton was rated more dangerous.

Then Lynwood called IndigoVision.

We installed our end-to-end city video surveillance system with no server and therefore no single point of failure. It’s the next best thing to fail-safe.

Each of our security cameras was SMART.core™ enabled, with our video management system and a Distributed Network Architecture that allows unlimited observation and unlimited expansion.

When another cctv camera is needed, it slots right into the city surveillance system.

It’s a security system that can upgrade your current analog world and make it smarter, without you having to change your analog cameras. How do we achieve this? With our analog converters. Simple, rack mounted hardware that converts your existing analog feeds into IP. Meaning you can view your old cameras from anywhere on the network.

Some of the Lynwood cameras were for general city surveillance.  Some have such high resolution they can see in the dark—so clearly police can make positive identifications.

Crime in Lynwood declined by 60%. And Compton now uses IndigoVision too.

Feeling safe has its benefits.

As you know, when people feel safe, their city instantly becomes a nicer place to live. Functionality improves.

Smart, talented people, entrepreneurs, move there.

As the news spreads the city becomes more interesting, more diverse, more attractive. Young families move in with optimism and hope. The city grows and becomes a place for the future, not just the past. Who knows, events like the Olympics, World Cup or Commonwealth Games might want to be there. We’ve seen it happen.

Let IndigoVision watch over your city with our city surveillance systems.

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Making Cities Safe

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