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Bank Surveillance Solution

How our video security system makes banks feel more secure.

You are in charge of security for a bank or finance institution. Many things keep you up at night.

We suggest that Security and reliability are Numbers 1 and 2.

Well, we have your lullaby.

It’s a fully integrated, customized IP security system with Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) that has the reliability of no single point of failure.  A brilliant bank surveillance solution.

Our NVRs have automatic failover built in.

Our bank surveillance system is end-to-end, so it’s secure by design—really secure.

You get edge device protection. Video recordings are encrypted (802.1x encrypted data) and water-marked.

Control Center, our bank video security management software guarantees you hear, see and locate problems pretty much instantly. It’s all on the screens. Or your smart phone.

It’s time to talk.

But wait, you already have different bank surveillance systems and devices that don’t talk to each other. No wonder you are losing sleep.

IndigoVision’s Open Architecture and Control Center’s Integration Modules will fix this. Ours is a truly open solution: video, audio, alarms, access control – pretty much anything can be integrated into our video security management software for banks.

You name it, we speak its language.

It’s time to save.

Your tight budget might also keep you awake. Fortunately our built-in budget management is even tighter.

Our software is license-free so you can install our Control Center software any number of times.

Transition costs are cheaper than you think. Our encoders mean you can not only keep your existing analog cameras, you can give them a new lease on life – like add advanced video analytics or make the video quality much better thanks to our video compression technology.

And both our initial and ongoing running costs are lower than the competition.

It’s time to get flexible.

A bank surveillance system designed to be super reliable is also more functional and flexible.

In our bank surveillance system, the video comes to you – that means if you’re part of a fraud investigations team, you can access video from any of your remote sites – instead of flying your team out to London, Paris, Rome.

One final thing. The video quality and detail of the Ultra 2K HD camera is outstanding. It’s used in Casinos to detect card cheats. There’s no gambling with this system.

It’s time to follow the money.

Here’s how we keep money safe for banks and finance.

We follow it.

Carefully. Constantly. Continually.

We follow it for retail banks, investment banks, government finance departments, large retail organizations.

We follow it with smart surveillance. Every device is part of a fully integrated, customized IP system.

Every device is tracked by our Control Center management software.

Because you can view our cameras from anywhere without licence via our free management software, you can give other departments access to cameras so they can follow the money. A video security system that’s not just for finance surveillance. Marketing can check if their campaigns are working in-branch. HR can ensure staff are following procedures correctly or use video to stop false claims by members of the public.

You still have control over what cameras they see.

Plump up your pillow.

Managing other people’s money is nervy enough. The last thing you need to worry about is your security surveillance system.

With IndigoVision, that’s exactly what it will be, the last thing.

Now it’s time to get some sleep.

Safe is a wonderful feeling.

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IndigoVision’s Bullet-proof Video Security System

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