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Casino Security and Gaming Surveillance

How our casino video surveillance system made 100 casinos feel safe.

We’ve learned that the only 100% safe video surveillance systems for gaming and casinos are end-to-end. And the only reliable systems have no single point of failure.

So that’s how we’ll build yours.

When it comes to a casino, we never gamble.

We’ll make sure your casino video surveillance system is flexible.

With our distributed architecture you can add any number of work stations for excellent casino security management.  If you need to provide access to regulators or the FBI, it’s easy.

And we guarantee to support our casino video security cameras and encoders for ten years. That’s as “future proof” as you can get.

Why change now?

After all, your system has been going for years. It still “works”.

Inferior casino security and gaming surveillance and out-of-date analog security cameras are asking for trouble: from cheats on one hand and regulators on the other.

They won’t—can’t—keep you safe. And keeping you safe–and feeling safe–is what we do with our casino security management.

The Ultra 2K HD camera: see what an eagle sees.

Imagine you could focus through a crowd, right to the edge of a table.

And read the numbers on the cards and the expression on the players’ faces.

And never miss a single frame.

Imagine casino video surveillance systems so smart they run at 1fps when nothing is happening and jump to 30 fps when it is. Imagine saving money storing files and time searching through them.

With the Ultra 2K camera, the sharpest, smartest eyes in your casino will be yours.

Take a seat at the table.

The Ultra 2K will make you feel like you’re one of the players.

But unlike the players, it never blinks.

With guaranteed frame-rate, you miss nothing. And with SMART.core™ compression the system takes up less space and is easier to operate then your television. You save money while protecting your business.

Upgrading a casino surveillance system raises blood pressure and questions.

Questions like: Will my stuff migrate easily? Can I keep some of my old system and cameras? Will everything work together?

So we’ve designed our casino video security surveillance systems to work with, not in spite of, your old stuff. And our new stuff will make your old stuff smarter.

After your old analog cameras migrate to IP you can add HD cameras when and where you need them. And you can easily integrate other manufacturers’ casino and gaming security systems, such as Access Control, Communication Systems, Perimeter Detection—pretty much anything with our Software Development Kit.

Video security management software that puts you in control.

Everything is managed with our Control Center video security management software. And you can install it any number of times at no additional cost, thanks to our licence free software. And you get every single feature included. There’s nothing standard about our video management software.

Need to find evidence, fast? Control Center’s advanced search algorithms take care of that, while you can get on with your job.

And because we digitally watermark every single recording, you can feel safe knowing that nobody –and we mean nobody– can tamper with your recorded video evidence.

Be safe. Feel safe. Play safe.

Everything about our approach to security in gaming and casinos is as far away from gambling as you can get.

It’s about putting you in control, seeing everything that goes on from a desk, even your smart phone.

When the whole idea is to make you feel safe, that’s how it should be.

Call us today and find out how we make over 100 casinos, from Nevada to Macau, global casino groups and Native American gaming feel

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