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SP640 Temperature Screening

Create safe environments with instant, contactless temperature readings

Easily screen employees and visitors for high temperatures and maintain site safety

Quickly and accurately measure skin temperature

temperature cameras for temperature screening - High temperature thermal imaging camera

Create safe environments and give employees peace of mind

Contactless temperature screening delivers swift results so you can take action and provide peace of mind to employees that they are safe at work.

Quickly identify at-risk individuals to protect your business

Divert individuals with indications of high temperature before they enter the building, reducing the likelihood that they can transmit infection.

Alarms enable you to take quick, decisive action

Indications of elevated temperatures produce instant alarms in our Control Center VMS enabling you to take informed action.

Looking to create safe and healthy environments? Talk to our experts about quick and easy temperature screening.

Low disruption, high impact solutions

Keep people and property safe with advanced screening technology

temperature cameras for temperature screening - High temperature thermal imaging camera

Simple installation to get up and running quickly

Designed as an out-of-the-box solution, it comes with a thermal camera, Blackbody heat calibrator, tripods and adaptor plates, so can immediately start temperature screening subjects and create safe environments.

temperature cameras for temperature screening - High temperature thermal imaging camera

Save time and resources when people enter a facility

The fixed temperature screening solution and blackbody are able to screen more people per minute than a handheld device, allowing people to enter buildings more efficiently with our temperature camera solution.

temperature cameras for temperature screening - High temperature thermal imaging camera

Solve issues quickly with in-built audio speaker

Bottlenecks in the system can be solved immediately using audio features, where an operator can direct individuals remotely to get the most accurate reading

All Features

Safety Guarantee

The camera comes with a 24 month warranty for long-term confidence.

Audio Capabilities

Solve issues quickly with in-built audio speaker that enables operators to direct individuals remotely

ONVIF® compliant

Built on the ONVIF open platform to allow integration with other security solutions, so you can expand your existing security system.

Superior Image Quality

H.264, H.265 SMART.core™ technology maximizes image compression without compromising on quality

Distributed Network Architecture (DNA)

DNA removes the requirement for a central server, ensuring you never lose access to live video and benefit from low latency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What in-built temperature analytics does this camera have?

The SP640-400T comes with in-built temperature analytics which include:

– Temperature Measurement Analytic Alarm Integration with Control Center VMS

– Temperature Readings Metadata in Live and Playback

– In-built speaker and white-light LED for audible audio and visual white-light linkage to Temperature Measurement Analytic Alarm

– Hottest & Coldest point on-screen display (OSD)

What is the temperature accuracy of the camera?

Max ±0.3°C (±0.54°F) with Thermal Blackbody

What is a blackbody?

A heat radiator device which emits heat and is used by the camera as a reference point to effectively measure a person’s skin temperature.

What is the warranty on this camera?

24 months (excluding sun-shield, lens and lens cover). 12 months for sun-shield, lens and lens cover.

Product Datasheets

SP640 Temperature Detection Bullet Camera Datasheet

User Guide

SP640 Temperature Detection Solution User Guide

Product Kit Description
Individual Product Description

* 2 units required. One for Camera, one for Blackbody.

Ordering the Thermal Temperature Screening Solution Kit provides all required parts for one setup. Parts can also be ordered separately using the Individual Part Numbers.

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