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Ultra 5K
Ultra 5K

The IndigoVision Ultra 5K Fixed Camera is the first ultra-high resolution security camera to deliver outstanding image detail and video performance, in all lighting conditions.

And because Ultra-High Resolution keeps you safe, Ultra-High peace of mind comes with every camera.

Indoor or outdoor, or in low light: you see with precision. Stills or video, everything is crystal clear.

One camera, 10 virtual views.

One IndigoVision Ultra 5K has the power of 10 virtual cameras, each with individually configured resolution and frame rate, meaning you can respond to areas that require more scrutiny, without the inconvenience and cost of physical camera redeployment.

You know that surveillance is all in the details, and this camera will show you all of them.

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Ultra 5K

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10 Virtual Cameras

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Product Catalog

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