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BX Thermal Bullet
BX Thermal Bullet

BX Thermal Bullet: See beyond the visible.

Smoke, fog, the depths of night or in the middle of the day, the BX Thermal Bullet Camera always has its eye on your safety.

With outstanding thermal sensitivity technology this is a camera that is capable of seeing beyond the visible to provide a new dimension of image detail.

Perfect for different installations across multiple industry verticals the BX Thermal Bullet can be used for long distance monitoring, perimeter detection or process/machinery monitoring.

From 98ft/30m identification to 2.49miles/4km detection you will be provided with thermal footage regardless of the distance, enabling you to spot the danger before you even know it exists.

The BX Thermal Bullet Camera also has CyberVigilant®in Camera, IndigoVision’s unique and innovative cyber-security technology that offers a quick response to potential cyber-threats. CyberVigilant® In Camera provides enhancements to your existing camera firewall by detecting unauthorized access as it is attempted. See this technology in action here.

By seeing beyond the visible the BX Thermal Bullet Camera puts your safety first, and helps to keep you safe 24/7.

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