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Create safe and healthy environments with IndigoVision

Indigovision Agora Thermal screening

Creating the confidence to manage COVID-19

Business and organizations across the world are dealing with the dire economic and personal impacts of COVID-19. Confidence is now a major issue in helping people return to work and re-start their normal activities, whether that’s sending children back to school or visiting shops.

Organisations looking to safeguard against COVID-19 can now bring back the confidence by choosing from our solution ecosystem designed to create safe and healthy environments.

  • IndigoKiosk AI: the right choice for venues wanting to ensure social distancing in their building and the use of face masks at all times.
  • Agora Temperature Screening: Perfect for organisations looking for the ability to scan a person’s temperature and create standard procedures to help operators consistently manage results.
  • Control Center Temperature Screening: Ideal for organisations with our video management software and that need to implement an integrated thermal screening solution.
  • Thermal Camera Temperature Screening: Designed for organisations looking to add a standalone temperature screening thermal camera to their existing network.
Pc montior displaying IndigoKiosk face mask alert feature

Ensure social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19

IndigoKiosk AI provides an easy to install solution that enables organisations to mitigate against the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the number of people in their building and ensuring that patrons are wearing face masks before entering.

The artificial intelligence solution helps organisations manage resources by automating the process of counting people into their building where social distancing can be achieved by limiting numbers. Patrons without a face mask will be detected and advised to wear one before entering.

IndigoKiosk AI offers a flexible solution that can be customised to align with local state or government legislation.

People standing in queue being screened by indigovision Argora thermal temperature screening solution.

Using Business Intelligence to consistently manage temperature screening results

Our Agora Temperature Screening Solution uses thermal camera technology to provide contactless reading of a person’s temperature. If temperature readings are higher than a configurable pre-defined value, Agora’s tailored procedures then activate to help operators make the right decisions swiftly while minimising human error.

As each organisation will deal with suspected cases of COVID-19 differently, Agora’s inherent flexibility enables custom operating procedures to be created for screening employees, visitors, customers and contractors.

IndigoVision Control Center thermal temperature detection

Alerts for above average temperature

Control Center Temperature Screening enables existing users to benefit from a reliable integration between the thermal camera and IndigoVision’s video management software.

Results from a thermal camera can be actioned easily in Control Center to ensure they are dealt with effectively by operators and prevent unnecessary entrance delays for visitors. The system can be configured to only produce an alert if a pre-defined temperature threshold is breached. No upgrades to Control Center are required to implement and configure the thermal screening solution.

IndigoVision thermal temperature screening cameras

Reliable screening with our thermal camera solution

Our thermal camera solution can be added to an existing video monitoring setup to help businesses and organisations of all sizes protect against the spread of COVID-19.

The thermal camera sensor technology works in conjunction with a heat emitter device, known as a Blackbody, which is set three metres apart from the camera. This device emits heat and is used by the camera as a reference point to measure the person’s temperature. Unlike some other devices, the IndigoVision solution works based on skin temperature enabling the subject to be screened even if they are wearing a face mask.

Create safe and healthy environments

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