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Ultra 2K Dome Camera
Ultra 2K PTZ Camera
Ultra 2K PTZ Camera

Calling the Ultra Fixed and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) smart cameras is like calling Einstein a smart guy.

The Ultra 2K and 1K with SMART.core™ needs no visible light to deliver police-identifiable faces.

It can see bad guys clearly where bad guys can’t see it at all.

SMART.core™ has Activity Controlled Frame-rate and saves you huge amounts of storage costs. Dozing along at 1fps when there is no activity, it launches instantly into a full alert mode of 30fps when there is. Storage savings can be up to 90%.

And because it can hear as well as see, you record all the action.

You miss nothing, capture everything and save search time.

Because you can jump from action to action and ignore the nothings-going-on in-between.

In-built, SMART.core™ Video Analytics give these security cameras the ability to warn you when someone enters a prohibited space. Secure zones remain secure.

The same SMART.core™ Video Analytics will tell you when an object in a public place hasn’t been moved in a suspiciously long time. Or when crowds are building up and need to be managed.

The Ultra video security cameras are optimized to work with IndigoVision’s Control Center video security management software. And because IndigoVision’s security system architecture is completely scalable, you can expand at will: add more security cameras or monitoring stations wherever and whenever you choose.

Our video security system is fully end-to-end and, importantly, has no single point of failure. Everything in the security system is designed to keep your property safe from harm and your budget safe from damage.

We call it a Safety Net, a Safety Net of security.

Because we know that there’s more to security than intelligent cameras and software. There’s the feeling it brings: the feeling of being safe.

And safe is a wonderful feeling.

Ultra 2K night


Ultra 2K At Night

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