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PoE Power Mode Switch

Your camera includes a PoE power mode switch where you can select from two 60W PoE options if connecting to a 60W midspan injector or switch.

switch poe

A = Legacy PoE

Select Legacy PoE (A) to power your camera using legacy (prior to IEEE 802.3bt) 60W/90W PoE power sources such as the Microsemi PD9501xx, PD9601xx, and PDS-104GO. Legacy mode should not be required for 802.3at (30W PoE+) power sources.

B = IEEE 802.3bt PoE

Select IEEE 802.3bt PoE (B) to power your camera using a PoE switch or midspan injector that uses the new IEEE 802.3bt standard or IEEE 802.3at compliant PoE power sources up to 30W.

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