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The GX Camera Range.

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More camera than you bargained for.

GX Bullet
GX Bullet
GX Minidome
GX Minidome
GX HD Pan/Tilt Minidome
GX HD Pan/Tilt Minidome

On first sight the GX is a nice little camera.

Great quality HD video. Smart Analytics like Motion Detection. Highly affordable. Flexible. Super reliable. It adds up to a remarkable value

A safe choice, and one designed to keep you safe.

What more could you want?

Plenty. And you get it.

Your ticket to the safest system in the world.

With the GX you enjoy the benefits of IndigoVision’s end-to-end system, the system that keeps on giving.

Our network has no single point of failure, so it’s super reliable.

Distributed Network Architecture makes it super flexible. (Adding cameras and work stations is easy.)

Your old analog system can migrate to IP for a new lease on life. Intelligence meets economy. That’s super smart.

GX meets Control Center. Super camera becomes superhero.

With Control Center, you can integrate and manage other manufacturers’ security systems, such as Access Control, Communication Systems, Perimeter Detection—pretty much anything else with our Software Development Kit.

And with the GX camera comes a global IndigoVision support team. Your problem becomes our problem.

So if you have a single site, a few viewing stations and one or two recorders, the GX is your camera. Far more camera than you bargained for.

The safe choice becomes by far the best choice.

Why choose IndigoVision’s GX Range?

IndigoVision’s GX Camera Range allows you to enjoy all the benefits of our end-to-end system but at a fraction of the cost. Key benefits include:
Reliable and Tested image

Reliable and Tested

Thorough testing, including vibration and extreme temperature testing, ensures all GX Cameras have IndigoVision’s seal of reliability before they are sold. When you purchase a GX Camera you are purchasing a camera that is fit for purpose regardless of its intended use.

Time saving

Time Saving

Plug and play and you are away! All cameras in the GX Range can be easily installed within your site with a single PoE cable. Their motorised lenses also make them easier to install and focus keeping installation time to a minimum.

GX Range - End-to-End solution

End-to-End Solution

With IndigoVision’s complete end-to-end solution performance and stability go hand in hand. All products are future-proofed; the products you buy today will have backwards compatibility for years to come.

DNA - Scalable


Using IndigoVision’s Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) your system is completely scalable, you can expand at will, or grow organically: add more GX cameras to your site when and where you require.

Management Software - Open


All GX Cameras are ONVIF Profile S conformant and can connect seamlessly with Control Center, IndigoVision’s Security Management Solution, and any other third party system.

GX Range - World Class Image Quality

World Class Image Quality

Available in HD video resolution, each GX Camera comes with outstanding WDR and Low Light. All cameras can stream up to a maximum of 30fps.

GX Range - Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics

With both Motion and Video Tamper Analytics each of the GX Cameras comes with the intelligence needed to help keep you safe.


GX Range - Connectivity


All GX Cameras are ONVIF Profile S conformant and can connect seamlessly with Control Center, IndigoVision’s Security Management Solution, and any other third party system.

GX Range - Physical


With three form factors to choose from, each with varying features including Outdoor, IR, IK08 and IK10, there is a camera suitable for use regardless of the installation.


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