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IndigoVision takes your privacy very seriously. The following privacy statement sets out, in relation to this web site, what sort of information IndigoVision collects about you, how that information is collected, how IndigoVision uses that information, how IndigoVision protects that information, how that information can be corrected and/or updated and how you can ask IndigoVision to stop storing information about you. If you have any questions about this privacy statement or suspect that IndigoVision may have acted contrary to this privacy statement or any applicable privacy laws, please contact IndigoVision in the first instance.

Information Collected

Every time you visit this web site our web server automatically logs your IP address (if you are connected to the Internet you will automatically have an IP address. “” is an example of an IP address), the type of operating system that your computer uses (for example, Linux, Mac OS X or Windows 7) and the type of web browser you are using to access this web site (for example, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer). From that information the identity of your Internet service provider and the location from which you are accessing this web site can be determined. IndigoVision’s web server also logs the IP address of the web site you visited immediately before accessing this web site.This web site contains certain forms for you to complete to request further information from IndigoVision, to request customer support or to give feedback. IndigoVision stores all of the information submitted by you on this web site. This web site also enables you to send e-mails to IndigoVision. IndigoVision stores all such emails.

IndigoVision uses transient “cookies”on this web site. A “cookie” is a piece of software that is transferred from a web site onto a computer’s hard drive that allows the web site to gather certain information (such as the web pages viewed and the results of any searches conducted of the web site).

Use of Information

IndigoVision uses the information collected about you for the following purposes:

  • the information automatically logged (i.e. your IP address, your operating system and browser type) each time you access this web site is not used by IndigoVision for any particular purpose. IndigoVision’s web server simply automatically logs that information each time you access this web site;
  • IndigoVision uses the information submitted by you when requesting information or customer support to respond to your request for information or customer support or for the purposes specified at the time you submit the information. If you choose to join any of the mailing lists offered by IndigoVision, IndigoVision will use the information stored about you to send mailings/ marketing communications to you;
  • IndigoVision uses the information in any email received from you to respond to your email or to improve IndigoVision’s service to you; and
  • IndigoVision uses the information gathered by the transient “cookies” on the web site to help you navigate through the web site more easily. That information is automatically deleted if you close your web browser or leave the web site for a sufficient period of time (usually around 20 minutes).

Save as set out in this privacy statement or as permitted or required by applicable laws, IndigoVision will not disclose or share the information collected about you to third parties. IndigoVision reserves the right however to disclose or share information collected about you on or through the web site to other companies within the IndigoVision group of companies (such as IndigoVision Group plc and IndigoVision Inc.), to suppliers of services to the IndigoVision group of companies, to government agencies (such as the police) or to courts of competent authority. BY SUBMITTING INFORMATION INTO THIS WEB SITE YOU EXPRESSLY AND EXPLICITLY CONSENT TO THOSE USES AND/OR TRANSFERS OF INFORMATION ABOUT YOU. If you do not consent to any of the uses and/or potential transfers of information about you set out in this privacy statement please do not submit any information into this web site.


All of the information IndigoVision collects about you is stored in industry-standard secure databases (which include passwording and firewalls). In addition, access to the information held on those databases is restricted to particular employees of IndigoVision. You should note however that there is no such thing as a perfectly secure database. Please bear that in mind when entering information into this web site.

Updating Information

If you suspect that any information held by IndigoVision about you is incorrect, inaccurate or out of date, please contact IndigoVision. When contacting IndigoVision, please specify the information that you think is incorrect, inaccurate or out of date. Please also provide correct replacement information.

Removal of Information

If you wish to be removed from any of IndigoVision’s databases or mailing lists, please contact us.

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