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Safe is a wonderful feeling.

The purpose of a video security system is to make you safe and feel safe. Period. That includes your person, your business, your property, your budget. It’s not about pixels or data rates or security cameras and software. It’s about how all those things, working together, add up to your safety net. 

Others make cameras. We make people safe. 

And safe is a wonderful feeling.

Control Center

Products that make you feel safe, by design.

IndigoVision is a developer of complete, end-to-end video security solutions from security camera to video recorder to body worn video cameras to security management software, so performance and stability go hand-in-hand.

And you are future-proofed: the IndigoVision video security cameras you buy today we will still support in 10 years time. Our solution's unique Distributed Network Architecture removes the need for a central server – so no single point of failure, greater resilience and no network bottlenecks.

Our video security system is end-to-end, with all the reliability and compatibility benefits of a closed system, but it's also open. IndigoVision's Control Center security management software is a fully integrated user interface for managing Video, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Alarms - pretty much anything.

IndigoVision's end-to-end video security system is also completely scalable, you can expand at will: add more security cameras or video recorders wherever and whenever you choose. Control Center's unrestricted license allows unlimited installations, cameras or screens.

From airports to police forces to casinos to warehouses to neighborhoods or whole cities; we’re a Security Manager’s best back-up.

IndigoVision. Safe is a wonderful feeling.

Latest news and articles.

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IndigoVision Microsoft SQL Server Integration Module Update

IndigoVision Microsoft SQL Server Integration Module Update

The IndigoVision Microsoft SQL Server Integration Module enables you to receive immediate alarms and actions in Control Center, IndigoVision’s security management software, when combined with any 3rd party system using a MS-SQL compatible database engine. 


Within Control Center operators are able to trigger live video, move PTZ cameras, start recordings, send notification emails automatically - all dramatically decreasing operator response time while still providing all actionable information in a single interface.


Download updated technical details for the IndigoVision Microsoft SQL Server Integration Module here.

IndigoVision welcomes Wayne Landry & Ryan Baver

We are delighted to welcome Wayne Landry and Ryan Baver to our US Sales Team, under Brian JohnPaoli, East Coast Sales Director. 

IndigoVision’s all NEW BX Minidome and BX Bullet cameras, designed to keep you and your budget safe.

With 120dB true WDR and class leading low-light sensors IndigoVision’s new BX cameras provide high quality video in all lighting conditions. Available in HD and 4MP resolutions, featuring in-built analytics and ONVIF conformance the all NEW BX cameras simply deliver.

IndigoVision security is a real thrill for Thorpe Park

IndigoVision security is a real thrill for Thorpe Park
IndigoVision is pleased to announce its continuing relationship with Thorpe Park!

Announcing our NEW Canada Sales Director

Gordon Frey appointed as Sales Director, Canada

Announcing our NEW Canada Sales Director

We are thrilled to introduce our NEW Canada Sales Director, Gordon Frey.  Gordon brings with him, 18 years experience within the security industry.

IndigoVision signs up NEW distributor - Ingram Micro Australia & NZ

IndigoVision is pleased to welcome Ingram Micro on-board as a distributor.  Ingram Micro are ranked 69th corporation in the FORTUNE 500® and have over 30 years of experience in technology and supply chain services.


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