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Seeing Past The Datasheets: Low Light Camera Performance

Seeing Past The Datasheets: Low Light Camera Performance

When purchasing security cameras and evaluating “camera performance”, it can be easy to get confused. The first thing to check would be datasheets, but what should you be looking for?

Dimensions, power, ethernet connection – all standard stuff in a security camera. But what about camera performance and ultimately video quality – especially when it comes to low light?

Low Light Performance: 

Take two cameras from two different manufacturers and compare the sensitivity section in the data sheets. It’s likely both will have very similar values: performance down to 0.05 lux.

What you might not be aware of is that most cameras are not tested with standard settings for low light performance. What does that mean to you? Both cameras can have wildly different performance when it comes to video quality in low light.

Low Light Performance test - Standard HD thumb

Low Light Performance test - Ultra thumb

The reality is that when it comes to low light performance, get the facts before you buy. Ask for low light demo clips, find out what testing the camera manufacturer has carried out.

If you want to find out more about camera performance in challenging lighting conditions or the other big area, video compression performance, then download this handy eBook Camera Performance: Seeing Past The Datasheets.

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