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Find out what’s new in the latest release of Control Center here.

PTZ Priority for ONVIF Cameras

PTZ Priority for ONVIF Cameras.

PTZ Priority and PTZ Hold are now available for ONVIF cameras. These features, previously only available for IndigoVision SMART.core cameras, manage simultaneous access to a PTZ camera by different users.

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Bulk Configuration of ONVIF Cameras.

Previously only available for IndigoVision’s SMART.core cameras, now any camera can be easily set up with IndigoVision’s simple bulk-configuration process, saving time and money.

Restricted Playback Duration

Restricted Playback Duration.

Administrators can choose to limit the oldest recordings a user can review. Previously a user could either review all recordings for a camera or none at all. The new limit is more flexible, allowing users to playback recent recordings but not older ones.

Camera Reporting Functionality

Camera Reporting Functionality.

Easily find your camera on a map or work out which NVR it is recording to. Users can now export information from Control Center to build their own custom reports.

Management Software - Flexible

Software Tiers.

Introducing a new tiered software offering at three cost-value propositions, allowing you to custom-tailor your sites and enter new markets.

Mix & Match any IndigoVision cameras, storage and software product combinations and have peace of mind that it will ‘just work’.

This new approach is a game changer allowing a more efficient approach to installations.

Further information is available for Authorized Partners on the Partner Portal within the Why Upgrade Tool, click here to login.

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