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Find out what’s new in the latest release of Control Center here.

Reorder Storyboard Clips

Reorder Storyboard Clips

Operators can now reorder storyboard clips into an order of their own choosing. Clips are still ordered by ascending start time by default and are still protected by dual-stage digital signature protection.

CyberVigilant with reflection

CyberVigilant® (Device) Improvements

Honey Pot Device

Lure potential attackers away from important cameras without sacrificing network bandwidth with CyberVigilant® Honey Pot feature.

Setup a decoy discoverable ONVIF camera (not streaming) on the network and name it with more importance within your existing naming convention to attract potential attackers.

For example: CasinoFloor_VIPCashier.

If an attacker tries to access the camera an alert will be triggered from CyberVigilant® and displayed as an alarm in Control Center.

Alarm Collapsing

New alarm collapsing feature reduces the number of alarms into Control Center, allowing operators to focus on just what really matters.

Federated License Server

Federated License Server

Now it is much easier to add more Integra™ units to your Integra™ View distributed system. A new License Server Administrator tool simplifies the licensing process enabling you to discover license servers, list available licenses and easily aggregate licenses.

IP Video Wall v15

IP Video Wall Software Licensing

No more dongle! Now the IP Video Wall is software licensed, like our more recent Integration Modules. This eliminates the possibility of someone accidentally or deliberately removing the dongle and makes installation simpler.

Further information is available for Authorized Partners on the Partner Portal within the Why Upgrade Tool, click here to login.


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