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GX Camera Range

Compact and cost-effective without sacrificing quality

High performance outdoor security cameras

Built-in analytics and outdoor-rated environmental features

outdoor dome security cameras

Significantly decrease operator response time to outdoor incidents

When motion is detected, our dome cameras with built-in analytics will alert operators so they can focus on what’s happening, and take action when required.

Enjoy peace of mind with NDAA approved cameras

The GX range, made in North America, complies with the National Defense Authorization Act line, so you can approach US government contracts with confidence.

Half your costs by reducing bandwidth utilization and storage consumption

H.265 compression with SmartCodec technology ensures bandwidth and storage space are maximized without compromising image quality.

Need help choosing the right camera? Our experts are here to help.

Explore a robust, smart dome camera

For budget-conscious video surveillance projects

outdoor dome security cameras

Never miss an incident with IndigoVision’s Distributed Network Architecture (DNA)

Our outdoor security cameras utilizes our unique DNA that removes the requirement for a central server, ensuring you never lose access to live video and benefit from minimal latency.

outdoor dome security cameras

Detect suspicious activity in all lighting conditions

Ensure proper image brightness, exposure and contrast are maintained in scenes under varying light conditions with Wide Dynamic Range, which enables the camera to monitor both bright and dark areas at the same time.

outdoor dome security cameras

Ensure staff safety even in dark areas

Capture detailed footage even in low-light settings with our Low light technology cameras. It optimizes exposure, improves highlights, correct dark areas in backlit scenes, ensuring that silhouettes become clearly identifiable objects.

outdoor dome security cameras

Set up your security system quickly with our modular design

The GX range benefits from a smart and intuitive design, so it can easily snap into the base of your choice. This toolless installation ensures your security cameras are up and running in minutes.

More Features

ONVIF® Compliance

Enjoy integration and interoperability with existing ONVIF infrastructures, so you don’t have to change your existing system.

Weather & impact rated

Trust the robustness and reliability of your cameras with IP66 weather rating and IK08 impact rating for vandal resistance.

5-year warranty

Gain peace of mind with products backed by a 5-year, industry-leading warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What previous camera line does the new GX range replace?

The new GX camera line replaces the GX 420, GX 420 PT and GX 620. It is now made in North America, is fully NDAA compliant and brings a new 5MP resolution option.

What resolutions are available for the GX range?

Choose between our 2.0MP or 5.0MP security camera system for high image quality.

What form factors are available?

The GX is a dome camera designed for use outdoors.

What compression methods are available?

To reduce costs by maximizing bandwidth and storage space, the GX range utilizes H.264 SmartCodec, H.265 SmartCodec, and Motion JPEG.

Are the cameras ONVIF Compliant, and what does it mean?

ONVIF is an open standard that enables you to integrate with previous third-party investments that adhere to this open platform standard. This means that our cameras can be used seamlessly with other ONVIF systems, so you don’t need to change your existing infrastructure.

The range is compliant with ONVIF Profile S (for basic video streaming) and Profile T (for advanced video streaming such as H.264 / H.265 video compression, Metadata streaming and Motion alarm and tampering events).

Are the cameras NDAA compliant, and why is it important?

Our cameras are built in North America, and comply with US Federal Government IT procurements guidelines, the National Defense Authorization Act. This ensures cameras can be used in US federal government scenarios.

Is the outdoor security camera system going to be safe from hackers?

Our solutions are completely secure, using password protection, HTTPS encryption, digest authentication, WS authentication, user access log, and 802.1x port-based authentication.

How to choose the right form factor?

This depends on the application and environment the camera is going to be used in. Bullet and box cameras can act as a deterrent as they remind people that they’re being observed, hence reducing the chance of incident. Outdoor dome cameras however are a more discreet option due to their half spherical-shape. For specific environments, such as oil and gas, box cameras can go inside housing that will protect them.

How does the IR illuminator work?

The in-built IR illuminator in the GX range allows operators to identify and track suspects in the dark. Infrared light isn’t visible to the human eye but CCTV cameras switch to mono as light levels fall and can film the IR light spectrum. IR bounces off hard surfaces, which reflect the signal to the camera, making it look like a torch is shining through the dark.

How does motion detection analytics work?

Our highly intelligent outdoor security camera system with built-in analytics alerts operators when motion is detected (highlighted in red in the image below), so operators can select the specific camera that triggered the alarm, pull up the live feed and see what’s happening.

How to pick the correct camera for your application?

Knowing which CCTV Camera to use for which application can be tricky. We would recommend using a mixture of fixed lens cameras from our UX, BX or GX range, to cover all points of interest, ensuring there is no blind spot; paired with PTZ cameras which will enable you to focus and zoom on a particular area. For more demanding or specific applications, check our specialized range.

Additionally, our team are on hand to help you find the right camera.

What are the protection ratings for this dome camera?

The BX range comes with an IP66 weather rating for outdoor use (making it water resistant against powerful jets). The camera also comes with an IK08 impact rating for vandal resistance (protecting it against 5 joules of impact, the equivalent to the impact of a 1.7kg mass dropped from 300mm above the impacted surface), so you can trust the robustness and reliability of your system.

Is a server required?

All IndigoVision cameras benefit from our Distributed Network Architecture (DNA), which means that all cameras deliver video feeds directly to your end point, removing any single point of failure, maximizing reliability and considerably reducing latency. 

DNA ensures you can view footage without any camera lag and always have access to live video at all times, even if your NVR goes down.

Do I need to change my analog cameras to IP cameras?

Our encoders enable you to get all the benefits of an IP system while keeping your existing analog investment. Enjoy the flexibility to gradually migrate to IP camera by camera, or to complement a completely new IP system; prolonging the lifetime of your existing analog investment.

With outstanding compression, IndigoVision’s Encoders can encode both SD and HD analog cameras so you get reduced bandwidth, reduced storage costs, improved video quality and up to 25 fps. All coupled with intelligent analytics and remote client access, enabling your existing analog investment to make a step up.

Product Datasheets

GX Range Outdoor Dome Camera Datasheet

Quick Start Guides

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GX Range Outdoor Dome In Ceiling Camera Quick Start Guide

Install Guides

GX Range Outdoor Dome Camera Install Guide

Product Drawings

GX Range Outdoor Dome Camera Dimensional Drawings

Mount Matrix

GX Range Outdoor Dome Camera Mount & Accessory Matrix

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