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Reduced Incidents Of Theft And One Year Return On Investment Achieved For Expo Centre Sharjah By Choosing IndigoVision

Reduced incidents of theft and one year return on investment achieved for Expo Centre Sharjah by choosing IndigoVision

Expo Centre Sharjah completed a 42,000 square foot (3900 sqm.) expansion in September 2017 to accommodate for continued growth and firmly cement its place at the forefront of exhibitions and conventions in the region.

With issues identified in the previous solution resulting in a loss to exhibitors, it was clear a new solution was needed to rectify these issues and manage the expansion and increased visitor footfall.

Learn how IndigoVision enabled Expo Centre Sharjah to manage its recent expansion, and create a securer exhibition centre which successfully accommodated for a record 2.38 million visitors at the 2017 Sharjah International Book Fair here:

Case Study-Expo Centre Sharjah, UAE_A4

CaseStudy-Expo Centre Sharjah, UAE_Letter


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