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Motorola Solutions Compass Decision Management System™

Ensure operators perform at their best with Standard Operating Procedures

Reduce incident response times with an intuitive interface that supports your decision-making process

Improve the consistency and effectiveness of your team’s responses with better insights gained from all connected safety and security systems

Motorola Solutions Compass Decision Management System

Provide fast, consistent and accurate responses with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Easily design and deploy customized SOPs to ensure operators are always guided through each action, for day-to-day operations, technical issues, and critical incidents. Deliver consistent responses across the team and save on precious time, as Compass helps to guide operators throughout the entire incident management process, which helps to significantly reduce human error.

Effortlessly achieve compliance with legislation, sectoral regulations and corporate guidelines with automated reports

Compass automatically generates fully auditable incident reports that details all steps that each operator took, together with the operators’ comments, snapshots, audio calls, and video clips. Periodic reports are automatically generated and emailed to key stakeholders.

Maximize the reliability of your systems and prevent security gaps with system integrity and availability monitoring

Ensure your security systems remain fully operational with automated reports and KPIs. Any technical issue or damaged equipment will trigger alerts, so that incidents can be dealt with immediately by the team following preconfigured SOPs.

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Operational control where you need it most

Compass brings together insights from your different security and safety systems so your teams can better respond with preconfigured and customized SOPs

Motorola Solutions Compass Decision Management System

Approach audits with confidence and avoid fines with automatic reports

Effortlessly demonstrate compliance and provide auditors with evidence as incident reports are automatically generated while an operator executes a specific workflow. Audit trails enable you to quickly trace back all the actions of a given operator, helping you detect procedural errors, areas for improvement and ineffective use of the platform.

Motorola Solutions Compass Decision Management System

Monitor and improve your KPIs and make data-driven decisions

Compass helps you remove subjectivity so that your decision-making is supported by the data and potential risks identified before they become a problem. For example, quickly identify why you are receiving false alarms so that cost-effective solutions can be implemented and wasted hours minimized.

Motorola Solutions Compass Decision Management System

Implement proactive verification routines during off-peak hours to prevent incidents

Compass remote tours are structured monitoring routines that make operators concentrate on specific areas while asking them the right questions. Remote tours can be configured for specific times or triggered randomly. Use them to check camera image quality, emergency exits, critical equipment, valuable goods, compliance with safety and other guidelines and many more use cases.

All Features

Create and deploy custom SOPs

Automatically action your organization’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with step-by-step workflows so that security operators always know how to handle both day-to-day and high impact incidents.

Detect incidents with remote tours

Prevent incidents before they happen with structured monitoring routines. Focus the operator on specific areas and have them answer the right questions. Remote tours can be configured for specific times or triggered randomly.

System integrity & availability checks

Operators get alerted of any technical issue and provided with step-by-step guidance, so that corrective action can be taken immediately to minimize downtime.

Automatic reports

Save valuable time with automated reporting based on SOP execution. Approach audits with confidence and avoid fines with detailed incident reports that demonstrate compliance.

Intuitive platform

Security teams can view and take action on critical events with integration to key security systems such as video management systems, access control systems, alarm panels and intercoms from an easy-to-use interface.

Business intelligence

Monitor the performance of your team and security systems and ensure continuous improvement. Get the best return on investment from your assets by ensuring they are performing at their optimum level at all times.

Audit trail

Investigate inefficient, irregular or abusive use of the platform with a detailed and easily filterable log of actions performed by all users.

Web-based client

Access Compass from anywhere in your internal network with a standard Web browser, without the need to install any plug-in or applet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Compass is what I need?

You will benefit from Compass if any of the below is applicable to you:

  • Single-site with local control room operated
  • 24/7 multi-site with centralized control room operated
  • 24/7 organization already using Motorola Solutions products and wanting to manage the human risk factor in their security operations
  • Outsourced control room teams with frequent or regular rotation
  • Service providers working under SLAs that must be enforced
  • Highly-regulated environment where SOPs must be enforced
  • Security operations burdened with too many false alarms
  • Need to close the loop between technical issues, false alarms and onsite maintenance teams
  • Need to close the loop between staff error and training actions
  • Need to improve the team’s performance and readiness with periodic drills
  • Security operations where human error is frequent and costly
  • Organizations where security and safety equipment is used for business operations

Will Compass support my security and safety equipment?

You can find a list of equipment already compatible with Compass here. If you do not find your equipment in this list, please contact our experts as the list of compatible equipment is always growing. Our team can develop new integration drivers to make Compass compatible with your security or safety equipment. Alternatively, you can develop that integration in your own organization because Compass has a bidirectional and encrypted Web API.

How is Compass deployed?

Compass is deployed on-premises and runs on a physical or virtual server with Windows Server 2019. Compass software is sold and installed via Motorola Solutions Certified Partners. Compass can easily be kept up-to-date by security managers with just minimal training in the platform.

How does Compass licensing work?

Compass uses a perpetual license model and a yearly Software Upgrade Plan that allows access to product upgrades and technical support.

Base Licenses:

  • Single-site or multi-site (two simultaneous users included)
  • Additional simultaneous users
  • Integration Licenses to connect Compass to third-party systems

Per-Device Licenses (bundled):

  • Motorola Solutions Video Channels (video channels coming from Avigilon ACC, IndigoVision Control Center, Pelco VX, Edesix, Vigilant), priced at 25% the cost of non-MSI video channels
  • Edge Devices (non-MSI video channels, access control doors, VoIP devices, I/O Devices)
  • Alarm Panels (license per physical panel)
  • Building Management Data Points

Software Upgrade Plan: yearly price of 18% of all purchased Compass licenses (multi-year bundles also available at a discount).

How do I get technical support?

Please contact your Video Management Software (VMS) provider directly for technical support on Compass integration questions and assistance.

Schedule a demo to see Compass in action

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What your demo includes:

A comprehensive overview of all the functionalities in Compass and its unified, secure web-based platform.

A hands-on demonstration enabling you to see the features for yourself and how you could easily create step-by-step workflows.

A personalized assessment of your needs, and how we can help you ensure your operators always perform at their best.

A demonstration of how automated reports and KPIs ensure you meet compliance requirements while maximizing system performance.

Plus – ask any questions you have to your dedicated security expert.

Product Datasheets

Compass Datasheet

Compass Decoder Datasheet

Compass Joystick Datasheet

Compass Server Datasheet

Fact Sheet Compass Integration Drivers

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