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IndigoVision Reliability Selected By Canberra Centre For The Monaro Mall Expansion

IndigoVision reliability selected by Canberra Centre for the Monaro Mall Expansion

In July 2017 the Canberra Centre expanded their already sizeable mall in the heart of Canberra’s CBD, with the opening of the stunning Monaro Mall precinct. As an IndigoVision end user since 2006, the new precinct needed to integrate seamlessly into their existing system’s infrastructure but was faced with a number of network infrastructure hurdles.

Learn how the Canberra Centre easily expanded and improved their existing IndigoVision security solution with H3C Plus to facilitate the addition of the Monaro Mall precinct and meet the growing demands of modern retail businesses below.

Case Study-Canberra Centre, Australia, ENG US

Case Study-Canberra Centre, Australia, ENG UK

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