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IndigoVision Control Center

Control Center, IndigoVision’s Security Management Solution. Trusted since 1994.

More Flexible. More Choice. More Secure.

Find out what’s new in the latest release of Control Center here.

It's easier

It’s Easier.

Control Center is now easier than ever before with eased licensing, resulting in straightforward setup and maintenance, saving you both you time and money!

The introduction of software tiers has also made it easier with a transparent product offering.

Software Tiers.

Software Tiers.

Introducing a new tiered software offering at three cost-value propositions, allowing you to custom-tailor your sites and enter new markets.

Mix & Match any IndigoVision cameras, storage and software product combinations and have peace of mind that it will 'just work'.

This new approach is a game changer allowing a more efficient approach to installations.


It’s Secure.

Trusting IndigoVision as a field-proven system in over 15,000 installs globally, our ‘mix and match’ approach throughout the whole product range means IndigoVision quality is now available as a customised site solution.

And all of that while the core – our Distributed Network Architecture and local support – remains.

Further information is available for Authorised Partners on the Partner Portal within the Why Upgrade Tool, click here to login.


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