GX Bullet 

GX Bullet

GX Dome

GX Dome

More camera than you bargained for.

On first sight the GX is a nice little camera.

Great quality HD video. Smart Analytics like Motion Detection. Highly affordable. Flexible. Super reliable. It adds up to a remarkable value.

A safe choice, and one designed to keep your safe.

What more could you want?

Plenty. And you get it.

Your ticket to the safest system in the world.

With the GX you enjoy the benefits of IndigoVisions end-to-end system, the system that keeps on giving.

Our network has no single point of failure, so its super reliable.

Distributed Network Architecture makes it super flexible. (Adding cameras and work stations is easy.)

Your old analog system can migrate to IP for a new lease on life. Intelligence meets economy. Thats super smart.

GX meets Control Center. Super camera becomes superhero.

With Control Center, you can integrate and manage other manufacturers security systems, such as Access Control, Communication Systems, Perimeter Detection---pretty much anything else with our Software Development Kit.

And with the GX camera comes a global IndigoVision support team. Your problem becomes our problem.

So if you have a single site, a few viewing stations and one or two recorders, the GX is your camera. Far more camera than you bargained for.

The safe choice becomes by far the best choice.

Distributed Network Architecture

Open, End-to-End?

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