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Pedro Simoes

Pedro Simoes

Chief Executive Officer

Pedro Simoes was initially appointed as the Company’s Senior Vice President – Global Sales on 2 October 2017. Pedro took over as interim Chief Executive Officer in November 2017 and was confirmed as CEO on 8 January 2018, at which time he was appointed to the Board. He is an experienced global sales leader in the security industry, with over 13 years’ experience in the sector, and prior to joining the Group he spent nearly six years with Avigilon Corporation (TSX: AVO) where he was ultimately responsible for leading its Global salesforce and driving revenue worldwide.


Audit Committee

The Board has delegated the following responsibilities to the Audit Committee:

  • To assist the Board in meeting its financial reporting responsibilities
  • To ensure that the Group’s published financial statements comply with all applicable statutory requirements and accounting standard
  • To review the interim and annual financial reports of the Group
  • To review the effectiveness of internal financial controls and make recommendations where necessary
  • To communicate with the external auditors and review their audit findings
  • To review the performance of the auditors
  • To advise the Board on the appointment and remuneration of the external auditors

Vikki Macleod is Chair of the Audit Committee and both George Elliot and Max Thowless-Reeves are members. Chris Lea is the Secretary of the Audit Committee.

Remuneration Committee

The Board has delegated the following responsibilities to the Remuneration Committee:

  • Reviewing the performance of the Executive Directors
  • Setting the pay, bonuses and other remuneration of the Executive Directors
  • Allocating share options together with any attached performance targets to Executive Directors and employees

George Elliot is the Chair of the Remuneration Committee. Chris Lea is the Secretary of the Remuneration Committee.

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