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IndigoVision Network Video Recorders

From 1TB to 1.5PB. You choose. We deliver.

IndigoVision’s NVRs have got you covered.



Keeping your footage safe and secure 24/7 is our number one priority.

IndigoVision’s SMART.guard technology ensures your footage is protected in a five layered process to ensure your NVR is always dependable.

SMART.guard technology starts at the core by establishing how the information is stored, RAID is provided and watermarking at the point of recording and exporting leaves no room for evidence tampering. Intrinsic diagnostics act as an internal health check; if a fan or power supply behaves unusually the NVR automatically reports this to the administrator. Firewalls are embedded in all NVR appliances to protect against network security threats and failover intelligence allows a number of NVRs to work together; we’ve got you covered, 100%.

World Class Storage Range

World Class Storage Range

Big. Small. Extra dense. Extra fast. IndigoVision’s storage offering comes in a wide range of physical form factors and digital storage capacities. With double the performance of the nearest alternative our NVRs outshine the competition, offering throughput speeds of 3Gbps and up to 1.5PB of storage meaning you really do get more bang for your buck.


Regular Security Updates

IndigoVision provides regular NVR firmware updates to keep your security system protected from upcoming threats in this fast-paced industry.


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