Control Center 2016


Upgrading to Control Center 13.2 ensures your security system takes advantage of new features, plus Control Center supports all IndigoVision hardware released since 2006. 

Want to see what the latest Control Center could do for your security system? 

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Control Center Map

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User Interface

  • Streamlined Interface
  • Map-based Monitoring
  • Dockable Windows
  • Corridor Mode
  • Replay all cameras
  • Smart Search
  • Escalate alarms
  • Alarm groups

System Management

  • Bandwidth Management for remote sites
  • Powerful alarm logic
  • Bulk upgrade of all IndigoVision cameras
  • Recorder fault monitoring
  • Supports Windows 10


  • Supports IndigoVision hardware since 2006
  • Ultra, BX, GX cameras and encoders
  • Interceptor night vision cameras
  • Ultra 5K cameras
  • FrontLine body cams
  • Recorders


  • Integrates and manages other security systems; access control, perimeter detection, help points and more
  • Supports over 350 third party cameras
  • ONVIF Profile S conformance
  • Multi-sensor camera support


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