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Safe is a wonderful feeling.

The purpose of a video security system is to make you safe and feel safe. Period. That includes your person, your business, your property, your budget. It’s not about pixels or data rates or security cameras and software. It’s about how all those things, working together, add up to your safety net. 

Others make cameras. We make people safe. 

And safe is a wonderful feeling.

Control Center

Products that make you feel safe, by design.

IndigoVision is a developer of complete, end-to-end video security solutions from security camera to video recorder to body worn video cameras to security management software, so performance and stability go hand-in-hand.

And you are future-proofed: the IndigoVision video security cameras you buy today we will still support in 10 years time. Our solution's unique Distributed Network Architecture removes the need for a central server – so no single point of failure, greater resilience and no network bottlenecks.

Our video security system is end-to-end, with all the reliability and compatibility benefits of a closed system, but it's also open. IndigoVision's Control Center security management software is a fully integrated user interface for managing Video, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Alarms - pretty much anything.

IndigoVision's end-to-end video security system is also completely scalable, you can expand at will: add more security cameras or video recorders wherever and whenever you choose. Control Center's unrestricted license allows unlimited installations, cameras or screens.

From airports to police forces to casinos to warehouses to neighborhoods or whole cities; we’re a Security Manager’s best back-up.

IndigoVision. Safe is a wonderful feeling.

Latest news and articles.

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IndigoVision April News Highlights

IndigoVision April News Highlights

Training in Rio 2016's National Stadium, helping the engineers of tomorrow, working with the Colombian Ministry of Interior - April has been another busy month for IndigoVision!

Article: Operational Benefits of Body Worn Cameras

Article: Operational Benefits of Body Worn Cameras

IndigoVision's FrontLine featured recently in article published by Intersec on Body Worn Cameras, including the operation benefits for law enforcement.

IP Video For Law Enforcement eBook

IP Video For Law Enforcement eBook

The security issues facing law enforcement and criminal justice systems are many and complex. This must read eBook explains everything you need to know about networked video for law enforcement and the benefits it can bring.

IndigoVision Launches NEW Honeywell Galaxy Integration Module

IndigoVision Launches NEW Honeywell Galaxy Integration Module

The NEW IndigoVision Honeywell Galaxy Integration Module now gives even more control over Honeywell Galaxy systems, allowing monitoring and command of Galaxy panels through IndigoVision’s Control Center management software. 

IndigoVision Enterprise NVR: Now with increased storage, Linux O/S and easy installation!

IndigoVision Enterprise NVR: Now with increased storage, Linux O/S and easy installation!

The IndigoVision NVR range has been expanded, with the IndigoVision Enterprise NVR-AS 4000 now available with a Linux Operating System that has increased storage capacity and easy installation.

The new Linux Enterprise NVR can record up to 100 video channels in a 1U chassis, has up to 24TB RAID5 storage and has a reduced depth of just 500mm/19.69", making it ideal for installing in locations without a full depth IT server rack.


Colombian President Launches "Live in Peace" City Security Strategy

Colombian President Launches "Live in Peace" City Security Strategy

With IndigoVision’s video security system protecting over 350 cities across the country, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos held a press conference launching the next stage of Colombia's "Live in Peace" strategy. Using IndigoVision’s security system means that Colombian Police forces can easily access cameras from any location across the whole country. Click on Read More to see how the "Live in Peace" strategy will reduce crime by almost 23%.


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