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Safe is a wonderful feeling.

The purpose of a CCTV system is to make you safe and feel safe. Period. That includes your person, your business, your property, your budget. It’s not about pixels or data rates or cameras and software. It’s about how all those things, working together, add up to your safety net. 

Others make cameras. We make people safe. 

Products that make you feel safe, by design.

IndigoVision is a complete video security solution from camera to software to recorder, so performance and stability go hand-in-hand. And you are future-proofed: the security cameras you buy today we will still support in 10 years time. Our unique Distributed Network Architecture removes the need for a central server – so no single point of failure, greater resilience, dramatically reduced latency and no network bottlenecks. 

IndigoVision's system is also completely scalable, you can expand at will: add more cameras or recorders wherever and whenever you choose. Control Center, our video management software is licence-free so you can install any number of times. Our video security system is end-to-end, with all the reliability and compatibility benefits of a closed system, but it's also open, meaning you can integrate other cameras and systems.

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